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My name is Gabriel, I´m Brazilian and, together with my girlfriend Victoria, a great fan of your works and the Tokyo Eye shows. Using the magic of the interwebs we follow all your steps (in a non weird way...promisse) and we were one of the first people to order you book Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno. Well, your book helped us show our store to the media here in Brazil and its very well written. We just openened the firs Lolita\Japanese store in Latin America...or in America! It is called Neko and it is very cute.
We were called to give a lecture on Japanese Fashion and by our surprise we met the editor of the Brazilian version of your book. Now we have both and a nifty picture to show off.http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweet_tempura/652727009/in/set-72157600540305509/
Thank you very much for being so damn informative and funny on the wonderful world of Otakudom. Ahh...I believe Brazil has one the oldest Yamato fan clubs outside Japan. And every Brazilian kid knows the songs of at least three Tokusatsu shows. You did not expect this huh?
Best regards and It would be great to keep in touch. I´m a journalist for the Associated Press and we never know when a weird Japan related story might show up down south...

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