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"Macias writes firmly from the position of the obsessive devotee mixing humor and extensive knowledge of his subject." - Hot Dog magazine (UK)

Writer, editor, and Japanese pop culture aficionado PATRICK MACIAS was born in Sacramento, California in 1972. He is the co-owner of jaPRESS, a company that creates media content and performs consulting services for a variety of clients in the US and Japan including Viz Media, Chronicle Books, Last Gasp, Marui, Nippon TV, NHK-TV, and many others.

Currently dividing his time between San Francisco and Tokyo, Patrick is the Editor-in-Chief of OTAKU USA magazine. His most recent book is JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL INFERNO: TOKYO TEEN FASHION SUBCULTURE HANDBOOK (co-written by Izumi Evers) published in spring 2007.

Patrick is also the author of OTAKU IN USA, published in Japan by Ohta Shuppan. Other titles to his credit include TOKYOSCOPE: THE JAPANESE CULT FILM COMPANION (Cadence Books, 2001) and CRUISING THE ANIME CITY: AN OTAKU GUIDE TO NEO-TOKYO (Stone Bridge Press, 2004). He also contributed to books JAPAN EDGE and FRESH PULP (both Cadence Books, 1999).

Macias' work as a freelance journalist has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, the Bay Guardian, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Wired magazine. He has also written DVD liner notes for such companies as The Criterion Collection, Home Vision Entertainment, and BCI/Eclipse. He currently writes regular columns for print media in Japan including the Japan Times, Figure Oh, ASCII Weekly, and STUDIO VOICE.

Patrick has been the subject of profiles in magazines such as CUT, Hanako, and both the Tokyo Shimbun and the Daily Yomiuri newspapers. He has been featured as a guest on NHK-TV's "Tokyo Eye", "Eigo de Shabera Night," ASAHI-TV's "Tamori Club," TBS-TV, TBS Radio's "Stream," and Bunka Hoso Radio.

His blog, An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla, can be found at