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Million Dollar Baby looks seriously overrated to me. It's almost like Hillary Swank is going back to her The Next Karate Kid roots. (No offense to Pat Morita, who was a cool guy on the Only the Brave set.) Not that I actually bothered seeing it or Boys Don't Cry, but it's kind of sad what the critics will eat up, just to flip off whatever's popular. OTOH, at least she was a professional on the set, unlike Russell Crowe for Cinderella Man.

Can something look overrated?

At any rate, the gym you go to looks pretty damn nice. The only gyms that even offer straight up boxing here are deep in the slums.

Yeah, but by a startling coincidence, that's also where the best fighters tend to come from: the slums. Especially the ones in Looville. So get your ass in there and be the "white boy."

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