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Wish I could be there the first day, but I'll be seeing Steamboy a few blocks down. Hope you can make it anyway.

Tokyo International Anime Fair, that will be one very busy place... so man tens of thousands of people in such a close vacinity kind of scares me... But, for the sake of the anime and manga subculture, more power to you.

And, as I'm sure you know, you aren't the only one concerned about Patten's health. Although I'm just a fan, I still have an immense appreciation for all that he has done over the past few years for the industry.

I was told that Fred is expected to be sent home from the hospital soon, which is good.

Tens of thousands? More like tens of hundreds. I know February's a slow year, but no one in L.A. but the hardcore fans are going to deal with Hollywood traffic on those days at that time. But at least it's smarter than going head-to-head with AX like certain nameless cons.

Oh, and I hope Fred gets better too.

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