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This is my favorite Fukasaku film (of the six or seven I've seen). I tell people it's the one to study for style, should you and your pals ever find it necessary to waste an entire dock full of rivals before punching out of this life. I'm very glad to see you're doing the notes. The cover design is fantastic!

Couldn't resist posting an excerpt from the notes...

It’s one of my favorites among the late director sixty-one films, although Kinji himself would admit to a flaw in its construction.

Fukasaku believed that the film’s yakuza protagonist’s lacked sufficient dramatic motivation. In the place of passion and decisive action, Koji Tsuruta (1924-1987) is allowed to generate a monumental amount of world-weariness in the lead role of Gunji. A veteran of numerous old-style “chivalry” yakuza films, Tsuruta’s epic case of melancholia came from being a patriotic kamikaze pilot who’d missed his chance to take to the skies before the war ended. Or at least, that was the story. Years later, it was discovered that Tsuruta was never considered for suicide duty, and his existential despair was merely an effective tool used for womanizing.

Now that Tartan has set up shop in the U.S., any chance that project is Battle Royale?

Can I take credit for it when you release it?

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