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I could suggest a let's-barricade-ourselves-in-Todai motif, with you and Tomo wearing hard hats daubed with blocky agressive kanji, bandanas tied below. A large banner saying "HANTAI (SOMETHING)" is behind, and your staves are at the ready. Answer all questions about the book with harsh, didactic shouts about "the stinking ninth element."

In a recent NEW YORKER profile, it is noted that hard hats and aluminum poles are kept at the ready to repel unwanted guests to Ghibli, although no mention is made of what use H. Miyazaki may have put these to when organizing the inbetweeners at Toei.

Jesus Carl, if anyone should have a blog, it's you. Also, although I know you're still a skeptic, the new Geto Boys is loose.

Yes, but I heard these blogs don't have a very good word rate. Also, they say the Beatles was the biggest. Have you seen "The Foundation" in the stores? Rap-A-Lot's site has it out on the 25th.

It dropped on the BT (Oink's and the newsgroups) last night. So far, it's pretty good. Bushwick in particular is in amazing form throughout.

"Give me a motherfucking handy shotty,
And a bump of PCP, I'll kill anybody

I ain't scary like Scooby or Shaggy
But if you piss me off you better duck like Daffy

Even if you in a rest home I'll pop ya,
even if you got a vest on I'll drop ya"

Not sure if either of you have time that week, but Steamboy will be up in L.A. at http://www.egyptiantheatre.com/ on Feb.7 and be presented by the AICN people and the "filmmakers". (Not sure if that includes Otomo, or an in-betweener, but at least you might be able to use your credentials to get an exclusive interview for Animerica. *wink wink nudge nudge* ) Anyway, you can get tickets in advance.

Not to mention:

Niggas always tell me how real I sound when I flow
That's 'cause the shit I talk about, I done did it before
Other rappers mouth off, that's just protection talk
I done robbed, sold dope, squeezed, and left 'em in chalk
Yeah, them hard stares ain't about nothin', cocksucker
Lookin' mean ain't never killed a motherfucker...

--Scarface, on "When It Gets Gangsta"

And I must add:

"Wasn't aware being different gave me intangible wealth
That's why I took a gun and tried to kill myself.
My folks got the blame, of course
I used to ask: why did God make my brothers so tall, and me a dwarf."

--Bushwick Bill, "Leaning On You"

"You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear
Got to start with the right material to generate a useful idea
In other words: you can't turn a hoe into a housewife
Try, and the bitch will make you sock her in her mouth twice."

--Bushwick Bill, "Dirty Bitch"

Not to neglect the man who's not a gentleman:

"I'm a' be goddamned if I'm a' be that old nigga who live
Sixty-plus years and leave nothing but bills
'Mind Playin' Tricks' still playin' on the box
And I'm sittin' on the porch in sweats and some mismatched dress socks
Yeah, right--before I go out like a buster
I'm a' get all my fuckin' guns and kill all you motherfuckers
Ain't going to be that cat who's broke so he blows his brain
I'm a' be the one to kill the armored truck driver, if anything
Fuck the fame, I want the dough, 'cause when times get drastic
You can't take your fucking ego to the bank and cash it."

--Willie D, "Nothing 2 Show"

All right, all right. Basically we're talking a strong comeback from the Geto Boys. I'm glad to see them in the same mood in 2005 that they were fifteen years ago. I might add that "The Foundation" is a common translation of "Al-Qaeda."

that part of the verse on when it gets gangsta ain't scarface, that's willie D . . .I don't believe you can't tell Country ass willie D's voice . .

I believe you are correct, Deucy. I am ashamed. And I like the way Willie D pronounces "athlete" in "Declaration of War."


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