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Yeah, on the ANN Message Boards, some of them acted like you were just some random otaku spreading baseless
rumours. Your chums from high school had to vouch for you.
Meanwhile, they'll trust info on a site from a guy who would make Jenny Craig file for bankruptcy. Anyway, Cameron's the only guy who can get anything off the ground, but he needs to stop shooting undersea documentaries already.

I thought I'd look in on this little net brawl, but the requisite forums led only to a mysterious "Error 404."


PLAYBOY: Were you on good personal terms with Goering?
SPEER: Yes, we got along quite well. He frequently invited me out to Karinhall, his grand hunting estate north of Berlin, where he lived like a feudal lord. I remember driving out one night in 1942 after a phone call from Goering asking me to come immediately on a matter of urgent national interest. When I arrived, he greeted me, his corpulent body draped in an emerald-velvet dressing gown with a giant ruby brooch pinned to his satin lapel, his face covered by a thick patina of rouge, his fingernails lacquered a bright red. He told me he had a brilliant idea: in view of the desperate steel shortage, why didn't we build our locomotives out of concrete?


You didn't miss much.

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