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Mmm. I wonder if the Japanese keeping U.S. sales in mind when producing anime is entirely new. Toei and TMS, after all, have taken this market seriously for decades.

I was thinking that a lot of these bloggers, especially those proud to be part of the blogosphere, sound a little abrasive. But, really, what do you expect, embracing a term like "blog"? It's not a lovely word. What's wrong with simply calling it your "diary," "journal," or "column"--some nice, solid term like that? I'm aware it's a contraction of "web log," but isn't a log something you fill out on a trip or a job--Captain's log, log your hours, that kind of thing?

Carl, you should obviously have your own blog.

*ugh* I know I felt that way when I saw Steamboy...But yeah, it seems like half the anime series getting hyped from people who import or use "other means" to watch them are usually written by wannabe Hollywood hacks. The HK movie scene's even worse in that regard, but unlike certain Japanese talent, at least the old guard there hasn't sold out yet. Anyway, outside of Lupin, I'm sticking to movies and oavs. Moving on, can anyone translate what the Japanese narrator for the latest WOTW ad is saying at http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2005/STUVWXYZ/War-of-the-Worlds/trailer.php
? And I guess the Japanese subs a well.

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