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GFW's playing in L.A. in June. I hope I can escape jury duty and catch it...I'm more hyped about GFW than ROTS. What'd you think of Sin City?

Will Final Wars play throughout the country, or will we have to wait for video?

Probably video, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a limited release.

Nothing really set in stone yet for GFW. There's still a possibility Sony might give it a wide theatrical release like they did for Godzilla 2000. I've watched several clips of GFW and think it looks awesome.
And how is The Fall of Ako Castle? It's definitely one of Fukasaku's lesser known films and I thought Chushingura Gaiden Yotsuya Kaidan (Crest of Betrayal) was Fukasaku's version of the Chushingura legend. Hey Patrick, how's about asking the good people at Adness to release Crest of Betrayal to DVD? I really love that movie and yearn for a decent quality, subtitled release.

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