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I always dug MANGAJIN--as is often the case when the translation is not directed at fans per se (U.C. Berkeley's JAPAN, INC., Jack Seward's JAPANESE EROTICISM, the Kodansha bilingual editions) you got to see in it a few manga that wouldn't necessarily be licensed here otherwise.

Perhaps Mr. Lammers might know if Jack Seward--whom, as you know, was kind enough to send PULP a copy of that almost unobtainable book--is still alive, as he used to be associated with MANGAJIN. I realize Mr. Seward is already an old man, but frankly, he deserves 10,000 years more than did Hirohito.

Well, I went to the show and saw Outrageous Cherry. The band was fine, but Portland was weak—I was mortified to see maybe twenty-five people in the club, with more support given to the opening acts (which were, of course, local). I did my part, getting the new album on both disc and wax--now that Benedict XVI's ascension has apparently cured my VP-96.

They played "Pretty Girls Go Insane," "(You're Not) A Nice Girl," "Trouble Girl," "Unless," "Our Love Will Change The World," "You've Been Unkind," "and "Why Don't We Talk About Something Else," in addition to "Stay Right Here For A Little While," "Saturday Afternoon," and some earlier tracks which I regret I don't recall at the moment. Larry Ray must be the most retiring lead quitarist in rock; with his evil clergyman appearance he literally stayed back in the shadows for most of the set. I was actually startled when he stepped up to the mike to harmonize during the encores—a cigarette had appeared to revive him.

"Whoever heard of using ‘comics’ as textbooks?"

I have.

They do realize that this isn't a particularly recent phenomenon, don't they? I mean, "Mangajin" dates back to 1990. I'm all for it, but learning Japanese through manga isn't exactly a radical notion. In fact, I've heard of manga being used so often as supplementary material for language classes that I wouldn't even call it an "alternative method" of learning.

Still... cool nonetheless.


Sweet about the OC. A contingent of loyalists will be going to the show on Fri/29. There were originally plans to imbibe a 'Lovely Sort of Death' beforehand, but now it seems we will only be setting sail on the Jolly Mary. I'm hoping Ian can arrange an introduction with the band and that they play 'Wide Awake in the Spirit World.'


I know what you mean.

Patrick: If you're still up for some more pain after your last bout, check out Unleashed. Best Jet movie in a while.

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