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Not wishing to scar perfectly good childhood memories (and lacking a burning curiosity as to what Darth Vader had been like as a tow-headed young rascal), I never did see Episodes I and II. It's a little ironic, considering my current job, but perhaps I am the control. How did things go down at Other Cinema?

Oh well. There's still Indy 4...

I have two questions.

Firstly, is General Greivous awesome or is his character a letdown?

Secondly, is Anakin's transformation to Vader as disturbing as it looks? From the pictures I've seen, especially the one of his charred husk being poked and prodded by droids, it looks like a fucking Clive Barker film in space.



Grevious is just another droid in a set of prequels already overstuffed with them...until the light saber duel, where he's fairly awesome in action.

Anakin's transformation is pretty graphic, but the camera doesn't linger like Barker would. I saw the movie digitally projected and it looked like they had done so much last-min tinkering with this scene that it nearly looked like a fan film. I'm already hearing that there will be differences between the digital versions and the film prints. Maybe this scene is one that's going to play different.

There was a scene showing Yoda landing on Dagobah, by the way, that was cut from the finished film.

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