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Plz let me know if Japan is anything like Little Tokyo. I sure hope it is...

The last time I left SFO for Narita, in Nov. of 2001, there was a guy with an M-16 eyeing the crowd as we struggled back into our shoes. A little of that YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY frisson.

I think you are probably wise to self-medicate on these trips, yet I find it difficult for me to do so. I think I'm afraid that above 20,000 my soul will fly free if I do that shit without a shaman.

I remember my bitter disappointment the first time I realized that the Limousine Bus wasn't really like a limousine, and that I wouldn't get to cross my legs in the back of it like Liam Gallagher does in the video for "Supersonic."

That last bit is unlikely, because it was 1987 (ANA's inflight program featured Bob Seger's "Shakedown" from BEVERLY HILLS COP II. Shakedown, breakdown, takedown, you're busted.)

Never posted that.

How big are the limousines in Japan.

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