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Gotta get Sword of the Beast when it comes out.

Hope you're settling in OK and trying out interesting food.

I hope to be up your way next year and am making of list of things to eat as I travel around while I am there. All stuff I can't get locally.

This post is sexually charged.

Editor: A.J. Kock. I instantly picture Tomo and yourself instant-messaging to Suid-Afrika from The Stud, leather caps tilted at a rakish angle. Still: the southern hemisphere is once again the otaku frontier.

I admire Tomo (reason #4612) for admitting that not only did Japanese kill mercilessly during the war, but sometimes it was enjoyable. After all if that weren't true, the entire premise of HOSHII NO DABIDE goes up like smoke from a conjuror's fingers. Even Tomo, however, briefly attempted to conceal the existence of kemono before you steered things back into the arc light.

I have my own theory (pronounced t'eory, because that's the way Quarrel pronounced it in DR. NO) as to why furries are met with that strange, visceral reflexive hatred. It's not so much the notion of bestiality--that's from the same proud mountain tradition that give us Andrew Jackson. The pigfucker, like the prison rapist, laughs it off with a sly chuckle. After all, he's doing the fucking, and gets to make the rules. No, it's the notion that furries wish to actually *be* a beast that explains it. You have become hinin, lower even than the hereditary eta--you have voluntarily abjured your human status. So the fury is not considered and not open to consideration--instinct is to set upon the devolved like Canaanites.

I would just like to mention again that the editor of LO is named A.J. Kock.

Save a cardboard box for me.

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