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I confess my sin, I am weak, I am unable to grok the truth here..but I'd love to buy the DVD.

And the odd bookends of the 20th, with the death of James "Mr. Scott" Doohan, and the utterly forgotten 36th anniversery of man, two men..AMERICAN men landing on the moon.

I am depressed. Even the news of a new Isao Sasaki collection rings hollow right now.

If you look at the picture on warrenellis.com a few entries down, of the tan, thin, smiling Chief Engineer, fag in hand and pint on the table, it will cheer you up a little, and give you something better to remember him and his time by.

I almost said, his better time. It was a greater time, but to be fair, that isn't quite the same thing as better.

Hey, I have that poster.

Sasha, born to die. Like all of us, I guess; her destiny was just a little more... contrived than most.

I bought this great Yamato dojinshi at Comiket in 2004...it's mostly just Kodai sitting on a park bench crying and agonizing over the death of his one true love...Sasha Mio.

Someone should whip up a quickie where Nimoy does the same for Doohan, or Sasaki for some halfway decent Annie-may.

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