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I wonder if the JSDF would have advised more awesome, awkwardly placed music in G.I. Samurai.

"Friendly....ooooooooh frieeeeeeendlyyyyy!"

I guess if they'd had some really good music on the soundtrack, you know, like Kenny Loggins or Berlin on the soundtrack, it would a been a million seller. Maybe it was just the awkward placement. Maybe they couldn't see so well because of well...their eyes.

Interesting little yarn. I have no interest in seeing the new Sengoku Jietai movie. For one thing, Sonny Chiba's not in it and secondly, it's directed by that hack Tezuka. His Godzilla films left me really cold (though I did like Tokyo SOS alright). He's not as much of a hack as Takao Okawara, but he's no Honda, Kaneko, Kitamura or even Jun Fukuda.

Now Lorelei: Witch of the Pacific Ocean, now there's a film I really want to see. I hear Higuchi's directing a remake of Submersion of Japan. That outta be good, though personally I'd rather see Kitamura take on a remake of Prophecies of Nostradamus, but we know Toho would never remake THAT film since they probably won't give it a fucking DVD release until around 2045.

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