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Then he puts the shotgun in his mouth. The barrel tastes funny. He takes it out and stares at it, as if to ask, is this thing on?

I just wanted to let you know: that phrase alone was one of your top ten, maybe top five. Thirty extra points for quoting "Mind of a Lunatic;" but it was already A-plus.

wow, great fackin post.

Holy fuck.

Patrick, if you're not our generation's Hunter S. or Mailer..or maybe our Mishima..I don't know what.

I can't read your stuff without firing up the CD player with a load of Isao Sasaki and sink into a different world...thank you for sharing!

Yes! Thanks for your postings.

This is the street eye view of Japan that I find so interesting. Even if, or especially if, it is filtered through your brain.


Sorry about my brain.


Matt said something about seeing a video of Sasaki dressed like a cowboy singing an Elvis medley. I thought he was the court minstrel as well, until I found out that the official soundtrack of Japan Railways is early '90s gangster rap.

So, then...I'm not 'in' if I get my groove on via Sasaki's processed echo pipes?

Well, guess I'm not 'in' then, brutha...and add Ichiro Mizuki to the mix too.. ;)

One of my silly 'otaku dreams' would be to bring JAM Project, the full on show, to the US for some con. I've been told this is stupid, because the 'kon kulture kiddies' wouldn't dig it. screw 'em, in the words of someone, "those that get it, will get it"

Or some crap...

And in your previous post, it should have been Janperson with Robot Detective K...that's Law and Order: Metal Hero Unit right there, baby... :)

No Steve, you are definately in. Look for your G.O.D. (Gaijin of Darkness) membership kit in a few days.

Patrick: Your mind is a great filter, catchin' great stuff most of us would have missed.

"Did anyone prophesize these people?/Only Travis/Come in, Travis!"

—The Clash, "Red Angel Dragnet"
(off the first album I ever bought)

It need hardly be added that Iris is also the lorilori teddy-clutching poster child of SAKURA TAISEN, the very imperialism in progress Mutsuo was unable to join owing to having spilled his Super-Soldier Serum on the ground.

I haven't seen any STAR WARS movies since Reagan was president, so I can't address the whole Sith thing.


I hadn't listened to any new Public Enemy records since Clinton Went To Harlem, but their new CD is pretty fierce.

Interesting insight into Revenge of the Sith I had never really thought of the movie in that light. Anyways please write a sequel to cruising the anime city it’s a very enjoyable book.

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