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Photos, have you contacted Kevin at Fan's View?


Tell him I sent you, heck everytime I do a gig and someone asks me for photos I send them to him. Wonder if he likes that or if it pisses him off?

In any case he was in your neck of the woods this last weekend for C3 x Hobby and will be back in September for the Tokyo Game Show.

Be Forever Yamato, goooood.

Be Forever Yamato..one of my faves...sure, there's plot holes large enough to fly Tokyo through, but so what? It's just a fucking big movie and I love it.

I did always wonder, was the idea to move the Yamato out to the asteroid belt really about 'secret backup weapon to save the Earth', or more like "fuck, we don't want Kodai to do that steal the ship shit again, where can we warehouse that ship so he can't just walk on board..."

Good thing Yuki knew where the President kept his sooper sekrit escape ship...

Damn, I want that deluxe Be Forever Yamato book...and all the other deluxe books Academy/Westcape did...well, except for the Yamato the New Journey one, I got that, made one person in particular *very* pissed... :)

So, has anyone dared to make a 1/1 scale statue of Okita at Hero's Hill yet? Sounds like a job for Liberty Planet..

Patrick --

You're killing me! I've been trying to email you through any address I can get my hands on to get you pictures for your Otaku in USA book and they all get bumped back!

Girl Crush 2040 will represent. Contact me via email above.

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