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Frankly, I find the whole "Making Out in Japanese" book a bit overrated. However, I do encourage you to check out some of the slang books out there. Peter Constantine's Japanese Slang Uncensored" is a pretty darn good one, as it looks not only into the slang created by certain circles within Japan's small crime rings, gaming hotspots, and shrines, but it also explores the circles themselves.

And, of course, a few million ways to say "penis".

You are a pathetic loser, and it thrills me to no end to know that once you die, no one will truly remember you.

Actually, that's probably more true of myself, rather than Patrick. There are already standing stones raised to him on three continents. Valparaiso even has—no kidding—an equestrian statue in bronze; it's the one where he's straddling a Shocker Cyclone, outside the Universidad Católica.

Yawn. Someone bring me a war...please.


Did anything ever come of the plan to do a statue for Mexico City of him and Amuro Ray? I kind of like the preliminary drawings of them in normal suits staring into the distance.

And while he's gone we always could hijack this comments section to keep things moving.

I guess when the Malaysian Miyazaki fans start throwing snot at you, via. the IP address of, it's about time for an update. Soon.

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