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I hope Tomo did his best Brian Tochi accent in hopes of tricking Harry Reems into thinking he really didn't know. But what's with Mr. Reems? It's perfectly permissible for Methodists to talk about blowjobs and fucking, provided it's within the context of marriage. Even Jesus himself said "I have meat to eat ye know not of."

I'd like to hear two early-twenties white boys reading that transcript.

What are the odds, though.

Hmmm, can't decide wich bento i want the most, maybe the "Daddy Long-legs"-girl, Bob in the bottles daughter or the teacher from Mask of glass. Was Saban's version of Bob in the bottle a big hit in the US btw? I can't remember it from any "anime on US television"-articles in Animerica or things like that. We got that version in Sweden too and it was extremly "Sabanized". The music was very catchy. Haim Saban and Shuki Levi are the Bacharach/David of bastardized anime-soundtracks.

I volunteer for the "white boy in his early-twenties reading the transcript"-thing btw.

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