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If they've got Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medicine there, take it. The Nighttime is REALLY good for knocking you out on your ass when the cold gets ahold of you and you just want to die...

Best of all, since it tastes like total ASS (no matter what flavoring they add), you get so busy saying to yourself "why the hell am I drinking this shit?"! you automatically feel better.

Me, feeling puke-ish last week, stumbled across a treasure...'Terror Beneath the Sea' starring Sonny Chiba and chick from King Kong Escapes...Dark Sky Films via MPI. It's not one of Chiba's best, he hardly gets to kick any ass at all (he's a reporter...yeaaaahh, OK..)..the film is...odd...there's some really twisted stuff going on.

It's English dub only, it has a HORRID cover, it looks like a piece of shit public domain release, but it's very clean, letterboxed, good, solid picture.

And I have a big feeling this is one of the movies that provided 'image inspiration' to Gainex for Evangelion, as the main antagonist is pretty much Gendo...

Could have used an essay from you on the disc, Patrick... :)

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