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From The Voice of America:

"Mr. Aso's appointment (as the new Foreign Minister) is certain to raise eyebrows in other countries. He has a reputation for speaking in a manner more appropriate to the saloon than the salon and is an avowed nationalist who has called Japan 'a one-race nation.' He has also suggested Japan attract - in his words - 'rich Jews' to help reverse the country's economic direction and dwindling population."

It looks as though you may be in trouble either way with this guy. He is also understood to have meant these rich Jews were to be strictly confined to Akihabara, henceforth to be walled off and known as Pale-Akiba; within to study the Talmudic Shi'ur Qoma, that, in giving detailed dimensions to God's limbs, as well as their secret names, sounds astonishingly like the free blueprint which came in the February 1982 ANIMAGE.

As for the maids, they will be relieved to know all communication thereafter will occur only through a hole slit in the gauze, so theoretically they can wear whatever they want. But speaking as that nondescript mid-30s salaryman directly across from you, I should say that the woman who cuts my hair charges the equivalent of 8000 yen, and, although bisexual, neither consents to dress up nor discuss the third season of LUPIN III. But I should like to see the girl who would. Discuss the third season of LUPIN III, I mean.

Babylon was one of the GOOD Lupin III films? INFIDEL! I call jihad on your ass!

Dude! Just for that whole gawawful 'chase thru the billboard' with the super regretful stereotype background characters...JEEZE!

I did like Lupin part III overall...storywise much more pleasing than most of 'New Lupin' (aka second series) tended to be.

But what do I know? I still fixate over the JAL Mamo dub... ;)

Was it a JAL thing? Thought it was just a Toho International dub, with maybe Bill Ross at the controls. Can't believe Carl lost his tape of it. Best anime dub ever. Opening scene...

Zenigata to guy in coffin:

"Lupin! Trying to live forever by doing the same thing as Count Dracula!"

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