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I wonder who that anonymous person could be. Still, I regret now having to actually buy SAPIO in order to check out THE ARROGANCE MANIFESTO, as opposed to merely reading from the heaped stacks at my leisure in the lunch room. Is it just me, or is every cover story they run about the SDF doing wargames? I should like to know if they ever come up with kaiju-eigaesque code names for them.

I fell by the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival this Saturday. This year's new guest of honor was Patti Smith, whom, if it wasn't known before, is hereby revealed (she describes Lovecraft as her "chum"). I pointed out that she was doing that whole yaoi thing years before anyone with "Horses."

But my own experience with HPL fans has been limited to Alvin Lu and Jason Thompson; therefore I don't know quite what I expected from the attendees. I guess I had hoped for an even mix between wigg'd and knee-breech'd Georgian attire, and pulp-era fedoras and three-piece suits; looking like our ancestors always did in those Depression-era photos—like they'd cut your throat for a can of tomatoes.

Instead there was a strong impression of ponytails—in manga no longer resident in high school as they were in the '80s, now pushed back to no later than the moemoe precincts of the fourth grade. But these ponytails were on men, for they were also bearded and wore kilts of black leather. Piercings had been distributed, and I again felt shame at my conformity.

There was one genuinely macabre conceit: a small sticker bearing the American flag, now altered, or, perhaps, revealed, to show it as a wash of blood descending from a night-field of stars, like milk from the breast of Hecate; its pale stripes risen against the red to writhe as tentacles. Below was the italic slogan, in unpunctuated sans-serif, NO MORE YEARS.


Anno: Soshite, moo hitotsu kirai na mono ga arimashita...
Naomi: SEX nan-te kirai yo!
Anno: Dooshite?
Naomi: Datte, kimochi warui mon.

—from "Naomi-chan Monogatari," Hideaki Anno, 1985

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