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I'm there.

I am so MOTHER FUCKING there. I will cut my belly open to show my disregard for Miyazaki,that fucking commie!

I mean, OK, Future Boy Conan rocked, and his work on the early Lupin III stuff is solid, but man, when the space aliens are showing up to fuck your planet, do you want "let's all be friends and eat yogurt" or do you want "in your FACE space muthafuckas and here's some for your PLANET TOO!"

Don't ever, EVER forget that while the first TV broadcast of Yamato stank like fish sausage (ratings-wise), it went on to become a franchise that RULED JAPAN from 1978 to 1982...Final Yamato came out in 1983, a year late, and was such a non-event that..well..party over.

Think: Bandai owes it's modern success with Gundam to Yamato. Nishizaki showed that you didn't *have* to stop merchandising a show/movie once it was over. There were new Arrivederci Yamato model kits coming out even as Be Forever Yamato was doing its two month moneymaker showing...

Did Miyazaki ever trick up a cruise ship to look like a freakin' BATTLESHIP? Huh? I rest my case!

I like most Japanese things with the word "final" in them...Final Wars, Final Fight, and, of course, Final Yamato. Still the longest animated movie EVER, and you call it a non-event…

Not so for one Japanese girl I used to know. Like most people here, she was a huge fan, believed the hype, and lined up to see Final Yamato on opening day. That guy sitting next to her at the Korakuen Cineplex Oden would be her dad, who brought his darling daughter to see the latest big-ass event movie and maybe enjoyed the spectacle himself a bit.

I guess it all went wrong around hour three when Kodai started humping Yuki. Talk about “surprise endings.” She said it was really, really embarrassing for both of them, and it was a long train ride home. I imagine Nishizaki laughing his ass off in the projection booth during the film’s run, glaring down at the panic below, rolling up 10000 yen notes into little tubes, and licking them shut.

Earlier, this same person was actually kissed goodnight by Sonny Chiba during a strange incident at a slumber party, but that’s a story for another time.

Last I heard, she moved to America to become a child psychologist specializing in abuse cases.

And that’s one to grow on.

Well, I don't want to bore anyone with my deconstruction of why Final Yamato was..less then it could have been, I base my 'non-event' comment on how quickly, how..urrr..final..the merchandising became.

One model kit (three, if you count the 'repaint instructions' for the Cosmo Zero and Cosmo Tiger II fighters), no toys (Nomura having died by 1983, and Bandai/Popy still sitting on Yamato III branded stuff)..Nippon Columbia *did* kick out a buttload of LPS, there were 4 'image songs', music spread out between the Columbia discs and the Animage/Tokuma Shoten stuff, and a handful of mooks...

But nowhere *near* the level of stuff done during the glory days of 1980 and Be Forever Yamato...

There has to be an interesting story behind the reason Final Yamato was a year late. I think there's a clue in the Tokuma Shoten music sub-licensing...oh, to have the money to send you to play 'mass comi' detective...but your agent status probably doesn't leave much time for such flighty activities.. :)

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