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Don't forget..oh, wait, the whole Thule Society thing didn't kick in until Hitler and the 30's, right? nevermind....

And then to say anymore would require using that highly respected literary device known as the "spoiler warning."


Nagai and Fort discover that the Imperial family is decended from a pack of Korean werewolves. So is O-yuki, which leads to some personal problems and a love triangle and the need to keep it all quiet.

After the devistation caused by the 1923 earthquake, they decide it's better to simply let the country rebuild itself than to tear it down again from the inside. End of story, but this decision to leave the status quo in power leads to World War II, and the formation of the shadow Government of Darkness (G.O.D.), the lameness of the heisei era and finally, to the Yuna Jyu-pun Senso...but now I'm really getting ahead of myself.

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