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What I would really like to say about Wolfman Jack is this:

"Hey baby, you're on a subliminal trip to nowhere.You better get your trip
together before you step
in here with us!"

Full moon tonight, everything's all right
Baby come on back to Wolfman Jack
If you want yourself a day man, well I don`t mind
You just ditch him when the sun goes down
'Cause the moon shines bright
and everything's all right
When the Wolfman, he creeps into town

Now you maybe want a man who throws round his money
But he ain't as cools a Wolfman Jack
And you might want yourself a man
who don't act so funny
But he ain't your fool like Wolfman Jack

Ofay but okay!

Man, that's classic...makes me want to put on my black satin baseball jacket with Wolfman Jack embroidered on the back. Complete the look with some Vuarnet cateyes, some galacto-washed jeans, pushed-up sleeves, and I'm ready for some Hot August Nights up in Reno.

Wolfman Jack should've had a cameo in Phantom of the Paradise.

And yes, Mrs. Dutra was our kindergarten teacher at Wenzel.

Of course I love the Todd Rundgren song, but it always sort of bothered me that the Wolfman himself isn't on the track. I mean, when NRBQ sang about Captain Lou, they got the real thing to rant and rave over the fade-out. Sometimes I play the radio ads he did for the Tiddlywinks LP when I'm on the train and I need a laugh. If anyone cares, I'll put them up on the 'ol blog soon.

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