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There is a sort of defiant humanity in that picture, like Geronimo in his later years. An enigmatic three-eights of a smile. Forget your perfect offering.

Gov. Ishihara was quoted as saying "people like this are the most likely to riot in the aftermath of the next Great Kanto Earthquake."

Here's same article on online. ;)

Since I'm very lame and I don't read japanese (I don't speak it, either) I tried a babel fish translation of the whole thing.
Now, before you say "Naaaah", let me explain to you that thanks to the icredible CPUs we have today, and the AI engines, and all that amazing stuff that humanity created, we reached a point in time where these things are near-perfect, ok?
Lost in translation, no more.
So, to celebrate the appearance of Patrick in a Tokyo newspaper, I would like to share with you just the incipit of the article, as I gathered it:

"Most in Tokyo as for the place where we would like to go? If "OTAKU" of the foreigner who loves the Japanese pop culture, answering is various. To be Tokyo tower which appears in Godzilla, be the figure specialty store of animation.... Tokyo sight-seeing guide who introduces the numbers of such a "sanctuary" was published in the United States, the American journalist and Patoric Matthias who admit OTAKU (32) = Mitaka city residence =, "Akihabara" of their yearning walked."

Was this trip really necessary? I do think so.

Let's run that by the mighty Excite:

Places where it wanting goes most in Tokyo? If it is "OTAKU" of the foreigner who loves pop culture of Japan, the answer is various. It is Tokyo Tower that appears in Godzilla, and a figure specialty store etc. of the animated cartoon. Such..sacred ground..a lot..introduce..Tokyo..tour guide..United States..publish..admit..American..journalist..Patrick..Mitaka city..living..yearn..Akihabara..walk.

In Mashias = Tokyo and Akihabara in which it looks for the figure by the austere expression

Mashias halted in the model shop that existed on the second floor in front of JR Akihabara Station in the radio hall while saying so. An elaborate figure of Godzilla and the alien queues up in the exhibition shelf.

It looks seriously , saying that "The figure is sold only in Japan though it is Star Wars and Batman is a hero in the United States". The radio hall that the model shop and the comic shop, etc. crowd is called an especially favorite spot also in Akihabara.

「These various feeling is exactly Akihabara though it is labyrinthine in the building. Used audio shop also is does a museum where the history of a Japanese product is understood at one view, and includes the shop of changeable goods in stock like the spy movie such as stun guns of the cellular phone type. 」It explains. 「Hey Mi. Who uses the spray for the bear extermination in Akihabara?」It came round happily in the building.

To "Akihabara 1 branch" known by having enhanced the cartoon and the animated cartoon goods, etc. in Chuo Dori Street where the foreign tourist stands out. This shop prepares an English pamphlet. Mashias smiled wryly , saying that "The extreme adult comic not obtained is popular in the United States".

It is said the place visited whenever "Gachapon" specialty store that entered the alley comes to Akihabara, too a little. A super-.."Gachapon".. so on is a vending machine the toy with the seen capsule. It ..seeming row.. vouched in a row , saying that "All of Otaku's worlds are blocked from Godzilla to "Bud system"".

Mashias covers and "Cruising Za animated cartoon city-neo-east capital Otaku guide" published in the United States covers all the pop culture such as "Comic market" in which a cartoon, a figure specialty store, an animated cartoon special movie theater, the game center in Tokyo, and Otaku in Japan buy and sell literary coterie magazine at the end of last year.

= United States living = : ..film reviewer town Yamasatoshihiroshi (43) in the coauthor... 「As for the guide book of current Japan, the place to which American wanted to go really was not yet recorded in the image of "Fgeyama Gasha". A big purpose of the current sightseeing in Tokyo is to buy the toy of the animated cartoon and DVD of a popular band. 」It points it out.

Mashias : the reason that the animated cartoon etc. of Japan receive. 「The United States is bad or doesn't exist terribly simply with the justice. Let's do not say that the sportsman is good-looking, and the girl is a cheerleader. But..Japan..animated cartoon..war..treat..good..bad..answer..put out..slight..treat..good..think.」It spoke.

Actually, only sales of the cartoon of Japan zoom in the U.S. publication industry that keeps being sluggish. It is said, "The book size of Japan American Comics have come out recently, too" (Mashias).

In addition, Mashias who declares, "OTAKU keeps increasing all over the world" explains, "It is divided roughly at the third generation" the U.S. Otaku circumstances.

It is the second generation that visits present Tokyo though the first generation that sees 'Iron-Arm Atom' of the animated cartoon and grew up is very small number of people. It is 20 that grows up in 'Space battleship Yamato' telecasted in the local broadcast station in the latter half of 1970's and 'Empty fortress Macross of super-time', etc.-in its thirties. The third generations that are the gargantuan scales are one's teens of craziness in the cartoon such as 'NANA' and the visual rockers band in Japan. 」

Coming to "TOKYO" of the yearning growing up, and in force of next generation's OTAKU is also close.

So far this computer hasn't said anything I disagree with. EMPTY FORTRESS MACROSS OF SUPER-TIME may very well be the next Outrageous Cherry EP.

Welcome to the world of Japan's newspapers. I got published twice, m'self. Once being in a bushi-gyosha parade, and once attending a shogi tournament.

Although you got color print. Bah.

Well...um...Geoff, thanks for the welcome. Thing is, this 'aint the first time.

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