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This is a genuinely proud moment. I am only waiting for Yoshinori Kobayashi to draw you in all his Wascist glory.

(Via snatched Wi-Fi outside Bishop's hair salon, NW 21st, Portland. I showed a passerby--look, Wolfman Jack!)

Seriously, if this doesn't impress the paper pushers at La Migra, nothing will.

BTW, they have a wonderful facility there called The Detention Center. Various families stand inside the glass and outside, enacting the ending of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

I see Rumsfeld, in announcing the withdrawal of 7,000 Marines from Okinawa, told a news conference Saturday that this would "reduce the impact of U.S. military on local communities," which, if you are a junior high school girl, must come across as a remarkable euphemism.

I tried to explain that joke to a Japanese person just now, and it didn't go over well.

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