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Gimmie more Yokohama Ginbae!!!

Shit there goes more of my money on imports.

OK in retaliation, the next time your in the Bay Area give me a call and we'll get together and head over to Steve Farnum's place. We'll drag his ass out of his movie prop and desecated monkey collection and make him dig out some of his more interesting music.

Mexican rockabilly, Hungarian grunge, country music the way they never do it on the radio and 50s black artists that make Little Richard look mild. And that's just a beginning.

I was directed here by Jean Snow, yes, but I have a surreal addition to make: a few weeks back one of my supervisors at work pointed out your article from the Sacramento Bee (I live in Chico, two hours north of Sac) to me since she thought I could identify with it. Also I've read Tokyoscope several times and never made the connection until now.

The world gets smaller every day!

- J.

Almost literally my first memories of Tokyo are of the twist in Yoyogi Park, 1987. I was looking for MEGAZONE TWO THREE and by Christ I found it.

You may have heard, but ADV intends to re-dub MACROSS, this time with Mari Iijima reprising her 1982 role in English. I give full credit to Patrick's tireless work on the dimension bomb.

I heard about Mari, will update The Book of Old Things accordingly, and wish her well.

But there's just one catch...dubs suck!

Patrick, I don't think that guy is God...but still--he's a monster. Anyway, the rumors are unconfirmed that "Ai wa nagareru" will be replaced by an ill-considered cover of "Everything In Its Right Place."

What the fuck am I saying? It's Thom Yorke whom I'd like to hear sing "Love drifts away/I who am rotting away/Drift away/Love drifts away/I who am rotting away/Drift away."

The whole Mari Iijima thing is just....odd.

I mean, agreed, more power to her and best of luck, but holy Mac (and his prophet Jobs)...

There are some really, really sad folk on the 'net, who are all "OMG I Hope Macek can do the ADR directing!" and "Maybe they can get all the other Robotech voices to do the REAL dub" and....aarrggghhh...

(understand my mocking of robotechies has no bearing on the cool groove factor of anyone I know here, because you 'get it', not ruled by it)

First up, I call into question if Macek ever really was the key director on Robotech et al, or just sat there a couple days of the week while the sound engineer and board op did the work. I have a bet that the guys listed as 'assitant ADR' did the real work.

Second up, if your goal is to do a 'real' translation/dub of Macross, why would you want Macek connected at all? The robotechies will buy it anyway...I mean, when I bought Dunbine from ADV, it sure as hell wasn't because Macek was handling the dub chores...

Robotech voices doing a 'straight' dub of Macross? Eh. I mean, they were all professional enough, but again, all this would do is pimp the Robotechie vote, and they'll blindly buy it *anyway*....

fuggit. I'll try to save up and glomp onto the AnimEigo sets that Right Stuf still has...

Sorry, was I ranting? I really have to get off my ass and get my own blog...

I have a copy somewhere of a Streamline press release comparing their troupe to the Mercury Theatre. As Hitler said, lie big. Still, just chop that narrator out of ROBOTECH ("Rick feels bad he has a sucking chest wound") and you improve it by 30% then and there.

I'm buying this when it comes out tommorrow.

And to anyone who says dubs suck:


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