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I find the parallel...amusing.

Maybe only Steve Harrison is going to appreciate this, but the Kaiju Café where the fateful conversation here took place was inside the Shin My City complex, which is actually the remains of the Dark Nebula Empire’s Jyukaku Bakudan: the enormous bomb that drills into the Earth at the beginning of Be Forever Yamato. They never could find a way to dislodge it from where it landed, so they wound up turning it into a yet another shopping complex. I guess it’s supposed to be popular with girls looking for crazy shoes and fuck-me boots. But all I saw was a tard eating some cake.

BWA! You make me pee myself laughing!

Wonder what happened to all those Dark Nebula soldiers after their giant homeworld/glorpy thing got blowed up? I mean...given the way they charged in, I can't see them going "ummmm....sooo...well...OK, seeya..."

Probably some note somewhere that they all instantly died because their artificial parts were tied to the homeworld or some such...

And rumor has it that when recording his death scene, the Seiyuu voicing Arufon mis-spoke his lines, saying "OK, NOW will you blow me?" to Yuki...reportely Nishizaki beat him repeatedly with a bamboo sword for putting the session 15 minutes behind sked...

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