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Was that Biollante back there in "the Hell"?

The only explanation I can offer for this Sayla Mass statue is that it's part of the Hell exhibit:


Patrick, I humbly request that you do this humble owner of black New Balance walking shoes--the only shoes I own--proud by getting a picture in front of this wonder.


I wanna go.


dare I ask what crime gets a woman to ass-sit on nasty ribbed wood and have heavy stone slabs laid on her legs? I assume this is done until something goes snap and ends in death...yuck.

And to not only be cruicified, but to have your legs spread and your dangly bits specially tormented...yikes.

Love the Enma Daito, however...damn, I can hear him now..."YOU are going to HELL, and DON'T give me any BACK SASS!"

I take it the oyabun has the camera. This beats Tiger Balm Gardens with a mattock. But that bathroom floor looks sukatoro. Was it really covered in shit, or is that some more innocent substance, like, I dunno, almond butter?

That bathroom is terrifying.

It's all very picturesque, but... what's that shit on the toilet floor?!

This really seems like great family entertainment. Reminds me of when I went to Madam Clouseau's Wax Museum in London when I was about 5. First time in my life I'd seen what the inside of a person's neck looked like or what it really took to kill a person through bad surgery. And really, what's up with that bathroom? Is it some sort of authentic Edo era reaction to Edo era natto?

Official site. But Damn Flush Japanese Only.

Dude, kurotokagi.com has just brought out a bunch of rare Sonny Chiba flicks, some of which even you have not seen.

What da fuck !

and I thought the Japanese were Civilized?

oh well People, I have to say that while the Long distant past history of Japan in the Edo Periode ( Edo was the old day name for tokyo, if i am corrent) may have been somwhat filled with Death, Murder Etc. but heck i think every Civilized culture gone through that sort of "hell"

Do you remeber what happend to the japanese in WW2? the Japanese Military leaders of the day said they would "fight to the last Man"
which resulted in the Atomic Bombing of the Japanese in 1945.

Howerver i have a greater concern, were the brains of the japanese affected by the radiation to the point where the japanese partake in that sicko Scat porn thing, shitting all over each other for sexual kicks.?

but then I coulds say the same thing about the germans who operated the WW2 Gas chambers using that Zyklon-b gas pellits were they affected adversly as well?, since they also seem hooked on that Scat & shit porn.

But hey Shitting on each other would have been far more preferable then the Japanse war mantra or the germans final Solution !

Live in peace ( and share a good shit) !!

Dude, you are totally hilarious (esp. to anyone who knows enough about Japanese culture to appreciate your jokes) You have a new fan for sure. and that DOES totally look like daigoro. and he shat all over the place... heh

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