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Man, that sounds sad.

Slasher is right, they've run out of ideas, and on top of that, forgotten just what made Kamen Rider kick major ass for an entire generation in Japan.

The movie sounds like they tried to move to shooting on digital and it just failed...like those early days of doing special effects on video.

See...hearing this, it makes me wonder- where is Japan's Tarentino? where is Japan's Robert Rodriguez? the man (or woman, but..yeah...like that would happen) who grew up on '70s Toei shit movies and TV and just has totally absorbed it into his blood and wouldn't give jack crap if Bandai could make toys..but *that* would require Toei to say "go. Do. Offend and upset and tear it down and make it new by being old"

Because that's what's missing,ya know. Pissing off the Japanese PTA. Freaking out kids with creepy, horrible monsters that KR KICKS THE RUBBER ASS OF to a sugar cereal high.

Only merchandising you need is a cool henshin belt and something that you can bolt onto your bicycle.

but what do I know? I'm a sad gaijin otaku...

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