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This makes me want to drink beer and eat Stouffers french bread pizza...right out of the toaster oven so the cheese scalds and blisters the roof of my mouth.

I just read that George Takei is gay. Finally, no more sleepless nights struglling with Sulu's sexuality since he is OFFICIALLY out of the closet. I now struggle with other questions like “What were Chekov and Sulu really doing in the shuttle bay during those long solar storms?”

The only thing I can do is listen to "It's All Over Now," and I can clearly picture the youth of Europe going nuts as a 21 year-old Mick Jagger (sure, look at him now, but, shit, look at him then) gives them something called le rock. My dad was on the Continent that year, making prank calls to Krushchev and putting a Goldwater sticker on the Brandenburg Gate. I flipped years later when I found out Bobby Womack had written the song; I had only known him from "Across 110th Street." Apparently whites did not invent rock n' roll.

I was pleased a few years ago to see the way Prince packed the Oakland Coliseum. With black people. UTENA was just a long-form Prince video.

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