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Does oden in a can make your nose grow?

That thing on the can kinda looks like Goon from Popeye.

I guess when you run out of fish cakes you can make oden with genuine baby tengu.

I'm very down for oden in a can. Now, Sonoda's long-running doujinshi series CHOSEN AME (since 2002 called MEGATON PUNCH), features a theme to each semi-annual issue. Usually the contributors find a way to express it using bishojo covered in manfilth, but there's one guy who takes a startlingly oyaji approach. His pieces always consist of a customer late night at his regular oden stand, in chats with the proprietor that invariably segue towards themes like "Go Nagai, huh...?" "Mobile Suit Gundam, huh...?" "Girl's sports shows, huh...?"

OMG... What could I pay you to ship me a few cans of this? I'm serious. I'll pay.

Did I mention that I'm s e r i o u s ?

I knew there was more to Bu-Chan than meets the eye.

"That thing on the can kinda looks like Goon from Popeye."

Actually a little tengu in a yamabushi outfit wearing 'one toothed' geta.

Now I ask:
Why a tengu in a yamabushi outfit on a can of oden?

Ah the mysterious East.

There's rumours that Satellite Tecra is a subsidary of Spectacular Optical.

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