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I think what I take away from this is that Slasher, for all his rebel cool vibe,still at heart will conform to Japanese traditional public mores...or maybe it's just common sense and self preservation.

To Reference 'Kentucky Fried Movie', one does not shout 'nigger' in the back alleys of Detroit with impunity... ;)

There's a part of me that wishes for an 'Otaku' freakshow at a festival like this...instead of the bearded woman and two headed calf... "SEE! The amazing PLAMO! He can build a model kit in mere moments! SEE! an Otaku that actually went out on a date! SEE! A GIRL!REALLY!"

What's that thing where different prefectures have local shrines they parade thru the streets with much chanting and drinking and stuff? It would be great to see groups of otaku carrying shrines to Tomino, Nishizaki, Matsumoto, Anno, Takahasi (both Rumiko and the guy who did Votoms) and the like engage in drunken brawling and the need to call in the Riot Police...

I wallow in sickness...

I often get the impression fans in America give them more respect than fans in Japan. Convention guests coming over here speak often of our charming naivete. I would say "naïveté," but it would somehow defeat the sense of the word.

Now by contrast Milwaukie, OR is not a shrine town, but I saw there Friday evening an extraordinary style of public urination, one with which I was not previously familiar, despite having worked in San Francisco for nine years.

Around eleven P.M. two young men were crossing the intersection of Main & Monroe about twenty feet before my car, when that telltale golden stream began to issue forth from the one walking behind. Except that he kept walking steadily and appeared fully clothed from my vantage. It occurred to me that he must have opened his fly and placed it at the ready sometime earlier.

His pace never slackened and he did not appear to mind the way the urine fountained back upon his pants and jacket, aided by a steady southern breeze that had been blowing since early that evening. The man walking before him did not appear to notice the events behind, and it is possible I remain the only witness.

Carl, you're right..in Japan they would not worship the creators, but the creations. And that brings to mind, wasn't there a blurb in Animerica years back about a Gundam shrine marched in some festival? I assume that, if true, that would have been more the product of Bandai's marketing staff than anything else...

Oh, but the image of shrines with the giant heads of Mazinger Z and Evangelion, a big Yamato made from flowers, a catgirl maid in an Anne Miller's uniform with triple D cup boobies...aarrggh! OH! HEADACHE!

On the amazing walking wizz man. Um. Dude. That's wrong in so many, many ways...how did you manage to keep yourself from shouting "HEY! YOU'RE PISSING IN THE WIND!"..ah..yes...common sense and self preservation.. :)

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