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I have to lay hands on a copy of the March 19, 1990 issue of NEWSWEEK, whose cover story was "Rap Rage." The hate-filled visage of Tone Loc was chosen for the front. On the inside, however--as I recall--the Geto Boys got their photo across an entire page, with some lyrics quoted below about the gift of a rose.

In Vol. 5 of the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Asuka at one point says "Insane...insane..." Now you know.

Wow! I think there is something wrong with me to be a 'white guy' who finds the sound of old school ganster rap as familiar and comforting with a hint of a childhood.

DJ Action. Ganster of Love, not the Sweet Home Alabama remix. Bushwick with two good eyes. Life before Big Mike. Oh the good ol' dayz when rappers would shoot people or get shot after they were famous and then put it on wax as evidence.

It's a sign of Bushwick's professionalism that he he did not neglect to take a picture in that cheap-ass hospital, even while holding a cell phone bigger than he is. Willie D., wearing that extraordinary jacket, looks into the camera as if to say, "Jealous motherfucker even sounds sarcastic" while Scarface keeps it fairly cool. I actually worked at the Texas Medical Center at the time, but it's a big place.

ROLLING STONE voted it "Worst Album Cover Of The Year," by which of course they meant "Greatest Album Cover Of The Decade."

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