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You should find a mini cylume lightstick (the kind usually used for earrings and inside golf balls and fishing lures) and drop it in the glass...then it would look radioactive and could be called 'blood of Godzilla'....

Problem being, of course, one might forget to not swallow the lightstick....oh, crap, and lightsticks tend the float, at least the smaller ones...

Never mind how I know, OK? :)

And thank sweet baby jesus that we have the Wormwood Society!


Not to kill you buzz, but there ain't no wormwood in Pernod.

Here's a question...Are there any interesting beers in Japan?

I've had the usual suspects (Sapporo/Asahi) and think they taste remarkably unremarkable.

My two favorite beers: Tsingtao and Bohemia

Matt dahringu, you must be thinking of Pilsner Fils, as was I when I told Alt, "no fucking way are they going to be selling real absinthe in the shotengai." We looked it up on this thing called The Internet before we kicked down. This is the real thing. And merciful Jesus...it's actually cheaper in Japan. About US$35 a pop.


I'm with you. Japanese beer is pretty fucked up. It's weak and never hoppy enough for me and I never drink it unless it's the only option.

Snobbery: I like English-style pale ales and used to shoot about three pints a day of bitter-ass Anchor Steam. The stuff here is all dry and designed to go down without a bite.

Even worse, there's also this dirty trick here called "2nd Beer," which sounds like a nice way to drive, but is actually wino shit made out of polymar, probably, to avoid higher taxes. Predictably, it's the cheapest one in the cooler.

Ebisu is the best of a bad crowd here, tasting like a decent German pilsner. Naturally, it's also the most expensive. Still, you got to live like a king and stock up on tall cans when occassion calls.

The plus side is that there are some good regional micro brews out there, including a nice one in Nikko called...Nikko Beer.

Clive swears by a fruitly little number called Yona Yona. Had it once, and it reminded me of a less hoppy Anchor, which sort of defeated the whole purpose. So drink some Anchor and Liberty for today...

Holy shit Matt is the MAN. Next time I see him, I am going to make him take me there at gunpoint.

absinthe, no kidding..

I can attest that Patrick knows his absinthe. That shit be fucking an otaku up.


"Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak," Thin Lizzy sang in 1976, "somewhere in the town." Near the prison would be my guess.

Swallowing lightsticks. An image of the next day comes to mind.

Patrick any glasses with lights that shine up into the drink available in Aki? Any that pulse slowly?

Everything came out alright in the end, Gilles...regretfully the time of passage exceeded the glow life, which would have been quite entertaining had it not....

And the glow chemicals taste terrible....

forget I said that...

Wormwood Society is AWESOMELY full of useful and accurate knowledge. Just avoid the forum as if you are a newbie, they may be unreasonably critical of your questions.

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