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The last two posts put me in mind of an observation about the Geto Boys. It's clear that they think most aren't mentally up to their music; Bushwick Bill dismisses the notion of parental oversight with Nietzchean contempt ("Your mother can't relate because her mind is weak."). But they believe there is a physical challenge most will fail as well, being particularly fond of insisting that their work will provoke scenes of gero and suka. You are warned, for example, that this is "some shit'll make you throw up," that "what's about to happen you might not be able to stomach," sneered at when "like a hoe you start to vomit," even informed of upcoming events that "will make you shit your meal." I don't doubt Radiohead has similar feelings about their audience, but what sets the Geto Boys apart is that they're willing to say so.

The only thing missing from this bar is Fuji Bandito screaming, "You very brave for man out numbered two to one!"

Or Inspector Fuji Chan.
"Bad alibi like smell of old lunch...cannot stand the taste of time!

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