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You have GOT to find a white Nehru jacket, white sharkskin slacks, glossy black shoes, and your sunglasses for the shoot.

Just sit there like you're from Planet X and answer their 'poke the gaijin with a stick' questions in a monotone.

You'll have your own gameshow within a week :)

You once dubbed Eichii Ohtaki the Japanese Phil Spector, but if he is that, who is the Japanese answer to Maurice Starr? We tragically uncool die-hard fans of early New Edition-material need to know.

Talking about the combination Maruice Starr and J-pop, a long-forgotten classic of East meets West:
Seiko Matsuda feat. Donnie Wahlberg - The right combination:

"...white Nehru jacket, white sharkskin slacks, glossy black shoes..."

Take it the the next level with an Ed Straker wig.

Since it's NHK, it's possible that Captain Future is going to interview me, ala Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast. In which case, I should channel the spirit of Edmond Hamilton, come to collect on unpaid royalties.

Given the whole boy-band thing, and the *ahem* rumors, the Japanese Maruice Starr would have to be Johnny Kitagawa, but I don't think any of the songs he green lit were ever as good as Candy Girl.

You should also mention in your interview that Rakee Imquan is now 43 years old and has defended both the Heavyweight and Unified belt about 6-7 times a piece. At 42, he earned the Precision Punching award.

He's ready for Ass Coffee, Patrick.

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