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"Here’s a little white guy doing the dirty “nampa” on some tight Japanese hoes in front of Tokyo Station."


If you look closely at the guy arranging the Narita tableaux, he's allowing 1/100 scale hijackers to pass undetected through security.

I recalled that after 9/11 the owner of New York, New York in Las Vegas expressed gratitude that there was no World Trade Center among their scale-model skyscrapers. It wasn't included because the original was so much taller than, say, the Chrysler Building or the Empire State--it would have thrown off the scheme.

I've said it before, but the actual Tokyo Tower looks to me like a scale model blown up to life size. I mean, the Eiffel Tower is part of this whole city plan in Paris, but the Tokyo Tower just looks like something they plunked down in an empty lot.

"NYC was tight and seemingly built by people who had only ever seen Lethal Weapon movies when they researched life over there."

...or Hill Street Blues...peep that squad car!

Hey, let's be careful out there.

If you ever come back to AWA that World Trade photo is going in the program book. Hell, it'll be the cover.


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More or less nothing seems important. So it goes. Oh well. It's not important. That's how it is.

A one-night stand is wrong, is not wrong

The U.S.-Mexican border fence works, doesn't work

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