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NOW LOOK! Here's what when happens a couple a homie's from G-Haven get together for the first time in quite a while. Pat my brother where have all the good times gone? Landscaping, The mentaliy of Manning, The Ho Chi Minh trail, Flashers, Jarre, Steve Fowler gettin a hard on, GYMKATA (Town of Crazies), The CooKoo, MR. BROWN, wrist rockets and num chucks, Jeremy Cropper, Pia Yang, Say Won't You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, Bob's winter coat, Commadore Perry, Cornelius Joshnson Jones First blackman in space, Is Frank there? This is Sanchez?..."I LOVE NACHOS!"

Hey Michael! What's wrong cat got your tongue?! No Hogans No Hogans No Hogans. I love Shasta Cola.

FYI, Christian Pierson helped turn me into the responsible law-abiding person I am today.

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