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dude...do you know you look super evil in that pic? I think it's the scarf...

I think Slasher is on to something..why else would 7/11 have a Space Battleship Yamato promotion..how the hell did they sell those things, anyway? The package looks like it's designed to slip over a bottle or something...anyway...yeh, it's going to be a sad day when in Japan 'Otaku' takes on the same meaningless meaning of 'fanboy' like in the US, instead of it's real meaning of head shaking sadness..just wait until it hits the upper Corporate level, where suddenly salerymen start to compete to be Otaku enough to get the promotions...oh, hell, I think I just struck myself blind...

"Dearest, why the maid costumes? why?" *sob*

"Honey, It's for work...you have to understand.."

You need a kotatsu with a futon. And one of those padded hapi coats. And a knit cap. Then you could be my ojiisan.

(For real, I mean -- not in a "whose your ojiisan?" type of way.)

Patrick, that pose makes me want to invite you in from the cold and make you maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal.

Jessica, the current article on Japan's pro-robot culture reminded everyone of how gloriously Japanese is Japan. I will be very interested to see what kind of export market they can develop for them. In an age where Japan's hottest products are cultural goods, could this prove to be a new sector in manufactures? But, as the article points out, humanoid robots are themselves in a real sense, cultural goods (both pop and deep) in a way that autos and TV sets are not. I wonder, if they have ambitions to market them in the West within the next decade, whether they will try and do so through the "early adopters" of J-pop; i.e. otaku. That idea would seem to have some merit.

I would mug an old woman with a brick for a kotatsu and some Quaker's instant right now...

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