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Are we not men?

Actually, this was aired (or re-broadcast, I may have missed the first one if there was a first one) just the other night on NHK, right? Caught it then. I just wanted to say that although it was nice to see you animated (rather than just the still shots we get on this blog sometimes) my impression of the whole thing with you and P. Harlan in the same room having a conversation was totally surreal. I mean, anyone with any real orientation in Tokyo knows that he gives off stranger vibes (on camera at least) than any of the "colorful" places they had you take them to in Akiba. It was like there was some kind of Tokyo sub-cultural affirmative action in effect on the show. I can hear the producers now having their brainstorming session before filming: "OK, what we need is someone with that 人生の裏街道 vibe...got any suggestions?" Geezzz...anyway, watching you humor the folks on that show was ratehr humorous. Thanks for being such a good sport, and sticking to your guns about the "Akiba keywords"...your two encapsulate the spirit of that town better than any I've heard in a long while.
Keep up the good work!
P.S. I hope you get all of your electronic gear fixed!
P.P.S. I hope Shaku really DID write that post about you herself!

I caught a re-broadcast of it just the other night. Late last Wednesday night/ early Thursday morning, I think.

Anyway, the segment at the shop that sells doll-making parts was particularly interesting. Especially the stuff about them having birthday parties or whatever when the dolls are "born."

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