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Hey, Patrick?

When next you see the director of Godzilla Final Wars?

Please tell him 'Thank you'.

Then tell him to kick the Toho execs in the ass and get to work on what clearly is meant to be his version of 'War in Space'.

I am grey and sad because Mediablasters once again put it to us and delayed Atragon, and they KNEW when they solicited the fucker they weren't going to meet street date and they better hurry their asses and GET IT DONE before...like...the company I work for goes bankrupt and I can't get my employee discount and stuff...oh, and even have money.

end message.

Cody doesn't stand a chance, even with five lives.

Does the tag on the inside of the black knit fingerless gloves read, "Town of Crazies?"

Hi! I got your book "Tokyoscope" at Tower records Shibuya. How long are you visiting Japan for? Because I want to interview you for our little magazine.

Hey Bri,

You got an email that works?



Interesting, the muffer is an import from the US:

The Brown County Association for Retarded Citizens:


Hows that for convoluted cool?

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