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Casino Royale is such a mixed bag to me, but there's so many little moments, so many bits that just make it a delight, and visually it's wonderful.

I *liked* Orson Welles as a Bond villian...he had such a 'I really don't give a fuck, let's go' attitude.

Make sure to watch the documentary on the US DVD release, it's really quite facinating.

And Lippe and the Vulcan...he deserved what he got. He took part in killing a bunch of folk and he figured SPECTER wouldn't cross him? *pah*.

Is it just me, or was the sea sled that transported the bombs woefully underpowered?

Yes, when I was a wee one, I would put the orange wetsuit top on my GI Joe, clip the pressure tank from the Flame thrower onto a white scuba tank set and go about the living room floor ripping face masks and air hoses off the bad guys left and right...the year before, I got my offical 007 briefcase and spent many happy hours shooting SMERSH helicopters...and if I had been in the know, trying for those 300 yard killshots..."right in the mouth" as it were...hurm...hey, I guess I was fairly mucked up as a kid! :)

Hey Steve,

Having grown up a full generation later than you, I’ve always been jealous of the crazy amount of 007 merchandise that I missed out on. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, it was all Star Wars and that “Shogun Warrior” crap. Maybe that’s why sophistication (even a Takao Saito version of it) is kind of a lost art around Valencia street and places like that.

I’ve always want to try James Bond brand Vodka or dab myself with James Bond aftershave cologne. Carl sort of put a damper on it all by telling me once that the test for 007 merchandise should be to ask yourself, “would Bond himself use a product like this?”

I guess that sort of rules out 99.9% of everything they ever made in Our Man’s image.

Patrick, it was a crazy time....

I was a bit too young to try the Vodka or aftershave...actually, I didn't see any of the early Bond films in the theater, I think my first was You Only Live Twice..I do remember being at the Majestic and peeking in the door and catching a bit of the big underwater fight in Thunderball..hmmm..maybe I did see Thunderball in the theater now I think about it...this was back before the 'cracker box multiplex' so...hmm, gonna have to ask mom about this..

She is a HUGE Connery fan and has told me that the more hairless and chunky he's gotten, the more sexy he is...I'm all cool with that but you know there's that uncomfortable part of growing up where you just don't WANT to know what gets your mom hot....*brrrr* (yes, she loved Zardoz and not for the plot)

Ya know what's most painful, looking back? How we settled for stuff...the Offical 007 attache case was only *sorta* like the one in the movie...the offical 007 toy gun was more a Luger than the sexy PPK..the original issue Corgi DB5 was *gold* for god's sake, instead of the proper brushed silver...

And the Gilbert 007 slot car set...the toy in the Sears catalog I LUSTED after, wanted so bad...was shit. Just as well I never got one, because I would have cried my eyes out when it utterly failed to work...

Ya know, the only really good Bond toys turned out to be the Corgi die-cast cars(they fixed the DB 5, made it silver and gave it tire cutters!), and every time there was a new Bond film I eagerly awaited the latest product..aaaahhh, whenever there was one that fired missiles I was a happy, happy boy....

I suppose this is where I show off my new 2006 diary that I found at the calendar clearance sale near my house: Bond posters with a sort of world travel guide in the first dozen pages: http://tinyurl.com/ccwgr

Lady Starling sounds like a good name for a killer Bond girl.

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