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There is unrequited love, and there is love returned only in the imagination, and there is also love for sale. But love unrequited only in the imagination for sale breaks new ground. In the West we have theme bars and theme parks. But that is only at the level of carnival; the Japanese go a step further, into theater. Summer stock, perhaps, but still, a customized one-act play around you. If those gigantic DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION machines can be hauled to anime cons, I see no reason why these services can't be offered in a portable booth.

Ya know...I could so TOTALLY nail working at that cafe...if my Japanese was something more than below kindergarten level (in other words...mime butler MOE!)..I'm big and cuddly with wise eyes and gray hair..I've turned into Mr. French! AHHHHHGG!

But yeah, there's a real level of sadness to the very concept.

Carl would slay in a place like this, obviously...

I knew this appearance would pay off some day. Still, I would need to obtain a three-piece suit. I've been afraid of them ever since, at 15, I saw Leonard Dawson screaming in his patriarchal rage.

You may be interested to learn I never grasped the pun in the title "Pennyroyal Tea" until this last summer at the Expo, when an entertainment lawyer friend of mine was telling a client at lunch, "You don't want to settle for a penny royalty." With a loud click, I chirped out "Ah, so it was a combination abortion/music industry reference!" "Well, of course, you stupid fuck" was the reply.

In this blog entry Carl is set up as a prophet: http://tinyurl.com/8okgn

I went to an off-Broadway "musical" in December that was set up to look like a jazz club, using tables and candles instead of rows of chairs. Out of the 30-odd people in the audience, I was the only one fawned over by the lead singer and his band (and come to think of it, the pianist looked like Patrick and the sound effects guy looked like Carl) for the two hours, and it only cost me $35. I nearly went back the next night, so this butler-thing could work...

I've uncovered another parallel-universe 'maid cafe' similar to your Butler Cafe.
I found a "princess restaurant" has been open in Ginza for sometime...

Over on the Nikkei Business (in Japanese only) is a new Japanese trend: “princess restaurants." ...customers sit on "throne chairs" and are treated to the famous speech of Snow White "Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all " in the "princess room." ...more... http://doiop.com/princess-heart

I am visiting japan in sept 2007 and I am really interested in going to BL cafe's and other cafes but i was wondering how do they accept foreigners?

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