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I don't know much of anything about the indy scene, or rock history, or anything like that...I grew up during Beatlemainia, listened to some Stones and Tull and...you know, whatever was blaring out of the AM band...

But I'd like to say I think there's a reason 'old rock' has an appeal. there's energy there. Pure, untainted energy, same as old anime.

No self referential bullshit, no deconstruction crap, no 'Oh, aren't I clever, it's just like (x) isn't it?' nonsense (well, OK, sometimes)....

Yeah, there were 'phone it in' times, the rock version of reusing stock animation and lots of held shots to burn time(like this one Mazinger Z episode, where half the shots were close-ups of characters, no mouth just eyes and nose and LOTS of talking, were the order of the day..mannn, the budget must have been down to 200 Yen and a box of cup noodles at that point..), but when you look at the totality...BUURRNNN, baby...

Now tell me how ignorant and stupid I am :)

Just out of curiosity, what is the name of the club in Hatagaya?

Heavy Sick.

When The Feminine get a website up, could post the link? Thanks and I really enjoy reading your blog!

Just added the link to the entry...

Reading that breaks my heart. To be young again and starting out a band... *sigh*

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