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Anyone got any cures for a Double-Whammy out there?

Sure, a bean-bag chair, a nice spliff, and Redd Kross' Phase Shifter album at full volume. You'll feel 19 in no time.

Phase Shifter is a monster. Why all the bad reviews on that one?

Why all the bad reviews on that one?...Good question...bad timing I suppose (1993=grunge).

That whole record is full of good questions. For example...

"Why does a missile look like a cock?
Why is the world so fucked up?"

"I just kept telling her, 'Je suis Canadien'—perhaps she didn't believe it."

—Duke Togo, "Hydra"

did your tourist visa expire again? Can't you teach english over there?

No way in hell I will ever teach English anywhere.

I heard its an easy way to get a visa. A friend of mine got a three year working visa to teach "eigo" in Japan and then quit the job and did his music stuff.

Tip on drinking and sleeping:

They don't mix well. Alcohol can fuck with your sleep, in fact some Japanese ministry published something on this last year as part of a press relese regarding the shortage of sleep among busy Japanese men.

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