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That's depressing. I've had a depressing week at work. In fact, I think I'm due for a career change. Maybe Fairytale Town is looking for a new Wolfman.

"Shots ring out, from the center of an empty field
Joni's in the tall grass
She's a beautiful metal jukebox
A sailboat explosion
A snap of electric whipcrack

She's not thinking about the future
She's not spinning her wheels
She doesn't think at all about the past
She thinking long and hard
About that high wild sound
And wondering will it last?"


Sorry yer having a bummer, dewd.

I kind of forgot what it was you do for a living...something about missile guidance systems and discount eyeware for the third world?

Yeah, Convex is being a jerk again. He can't cope with freaky stuff so he makes me deal with it.

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