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See...this is why I so enjoy reading your blog, Patrick...I always learn something new, even if it's so outside my experence I can only stand agog in wonder and confusion...then as I slowly absorb the data, I make connections and sometimes giggle in a clearly insane manner..

to wit, this quote:

"In a shop, stone’s throw away from Akihabara station, there’s a wall of one-use-only sex toys. Foam vaginas packaged like beer cans. "

That just blows my mind. This is something so TOTALLY and UTTERLY beyond what any average AmeriOtaku can even imagine...one shot...errrrr...use...sex toys, just sitting there...emblazoned with whatever rocks ones socks....pick up a sixer for the weekend...try the 24 bulk pack...for an extra 500 Yen get the vibrating sleeve that fits over the container like a rubber 'can cooler'...

I howl and gibber and gad about laughing. thank you.

Let's go to hell riding on SexToys! Woooooo!

The cans themselves are recyclable, but, as Jay might observe, the seed itself will be consigned to waste. A prosthetic post Darwin, one might say, although, as Jay's, that is a male view of the situation—the falling birthrate a crisis where all depends upon the moves of that barnstorming sky father. Campbell is far too refined. Freud will suffice to explain the mythic spectacle of needledicks whizzing towards the crack that splits a round in two, hoping to be the one to send his load down the shaft—a folorn glance into the foam and a negative, negative, it didn't go in.

Rather, of course it is the case that male attitudes go hand-in-hand, as it were, with female attitudes. A woman's right to choose. If the world has no more use for Japanese semen, the Japanese woo-woo seems likewise hard to rent these days. There is no need for men there to be so self-centered on this; it's the same in several countries of Europe. It would be the same in America, too—our population would likewise peak out, were it not for the potency of our immigrants. I would mention to the Japanese media that most of these are Mexican. Say it almost but not quite casually.


All good points...it all ties to the '70s and Karate/Crazy, doesn't it? Without Sonny Chiba to make the ladies wet and willing for the heat seeking moisture missile of love, Japanese men resort to the quim in a can, chanting 'well, solve your little problem and let's light this candle!' only to have to pull the abort handle because the current DoA hottie isn't hot anymore..."MOE MOE MOE!" he moans......

(OK, that joke really doesn't work spoken, but in print, yeah...sorry...)

But...what if the clam in a can is a secret project, designed to collect DNA to make Uber Japper-knees?

I sense SPECTER in this....

Back to Bond. Ya gotta remember to use the Anglo-French spelling: SPECTRE. A helpful way to remember it is to enunciate the words like Max Von Sydow: "The SPecial Excutive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion." Don't forget to roll the "r"s in "terrorism."

My father's favorite line from that film was "In matters of death, SPECTRE is strictly impartial." He had worked for, and I was therefore nurtured by, many companies in the news today: Halliburton, Brown & Root, Bechtel. Years before CLERKS, my dad observed that the Death Star under construction in RETURN OF THE JEDI should have had a big Bechtel logo on the side of it "because it's exactly the type of contract they would take."

I stand humbled and corrected. My brain is fried because the Suncoast I work at is closing, and frankly, soon the entire chain will die a horrid, screeching death...I'm a tad distracted...

I blame SPECTRE.

Isn't it funny how the new post-SBC merger the AT&T logo looks even more like the unfinished Death Star from RotJ? :)

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