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That's not Yumiko Shaku in that picture, it's Warren Ellis. Well, perhaps it isn't Warren Ellis, but they both blog about you so it doesn't matter.

Is she saying that she's surprised to perceive an "international" culture (i.e., of otaku) is found within Tokyo, or that Tokyo, as a "city of the mind," is found within foreigners internationally?


Hey Carl, long time no see. Knew you from Cal Animage back in the day. Drop me a line. Patrick, I happen to be the guy translating that episode of ESN into English for NHK. I don't know if you've seen the full show yet, but the impression I got was that Shaku's epiphany about Akihabara was her own... she gives a little riff on it later that seems genuine. Anyway, all she's saying here is that based on your explication of Akiba, she realizes that Tokyo's historic inferiority complex about being some kind of knock-off of a Western city (traditionally Manhattan or London, to be precise) is uncalled for. She's saying, "we can be proud of Tokyo on its own merits now". In classic Nihonjinron fashion, of course, it required gaijin validation of the coolness of otakudom to inspire that leap, of course. The more things change...

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